Hyundai Merchant Marine

Fulfilling the customer’s needs

One of the main reasons why Hyundai Merchant Marine decided to settle in Finland is the access to the essential markets.

“The initiative to establish own country organization in Finland came from Hyundai Merchant Marine’s clients originally. HMM’s clients represent wide range of industries which are in business with Finnish exporters and some of our business partners prefer Finland as logistics gateway to the Russian market”, says Kirsi-Maarit Poljatschenko, the General Manager of Hyundai Merchant Marine Scandinavia.

Easily settled

The settling process was easy for HMM since they have had agents in the Finnish market before.

“Hyundai Merchant Marine had been represented in the Finnish market through an agent for some years before our own branch office was established: this kind of evolution is typical for a shipping line. In favorable market conditions it is natural to develop own organization in order to provide better service locally. Good relationship with the former agent transformed and they became our supplier”, Poljatschenko tells.

HMM’s global experience also made the settling process easy. The company already operates in 159 countries and knows how to set up new country teams. By outsourcing as many services as possible HMM can be more efficient with their shipping related activities.

Goals achieved

“It has proven right decision to be in Finland: HMM has global clients with businesses in Finland and our local team can provide them with required expertise. Team members have strong background in shipping services and future looks bright for Hyundai in Finland”, says Poljatschenko.

Getting settled in Finland is both easy and profitable. Easy procedures and modern methods make the process smooth.

“Setting up new business in Finland is relatively easy, provided that all official authority requirements are being adhered to. Many advanced IT tools are available for both citizens and businesses to keep up mandatory records and reporting. Most of the official documentation and information comes out in English and Swedish languages – information material in Russian is quite common as well. It is worthwhile to invest time in learning how to use modern tools of administration – and be successful in Finland.

Finland is a hub country: easy access to Russian metropolis and large consumer markets of European Russia, opportunities in the Baltic countries and strong export industries of Finland provide solid ground for variety of international businesses. It is a matter of joining the club and exploring”, tells Poljatschenko.