Invest in Finland

Plenty of advantages easily reached

Setting up business in Finland is easy. Many companies have made the decision to settle in Finland and the easiest way to do this is with Invest in Finland, which offers business opportunities and professional consulting services for international companies.

“The advantages of Finland are often related to the stability, predictability and skilled labour. The most common reason to set up a business in Finland is the market. Taloustutkimus has made an interview analysis on the factors which influence in this”, says Pentti Pitkänen from Invest in Finland.

The analysis shows that the advantages of Finland are top level infrastructure, ability for new innovations, easy access to Nordic, Baltic and Russian markets, stable macro economy and highly educated but affordable workforce.

Where to start?

“It is important to know what should be done before making the decision to come to Finland. To set up a company in Finland is not complicated. Typically one needs a half a day’s work for the registration and the necessary steps take altogether only a few weeks. But there are other practicalities to remember”, tells Pitkänen.

There are many options and easy steps to start a business. Options include incorporation, sole proprietorship, a partnership (general and limited), or a joint venture. Issues that must be dealt with include the tax implications associated with different structures, local legal systems, accounting principles, special permits and registration procedures. Invest in Finland offers help in every step of the way.

Step by step

The most important steps are registration, finding premises, recruiting, getting the right contacts and getting needed legal assistance.

The Finnish limited company (Oy) registration will take 1-3 weeks only and at the time of filing the application, the company will receive VAT number and can begin operations immediately.

Premises can be found e.g. from the Finnish Hi-Tec business parks starting at 300 € per month. Other option is to use real estate agents known by regional partners.

Recruiting services are also often included in the services of Business parks. Invest in Finland or regional partners provide with a list of head hunters and other recruiting services.

It is vital to link the new company with bookkeeping, auditor and other services needed to run the business. These operators are best known by regional partners.

“The best piece of an advice is to make homework well and choose a good partner to help in the process”, Pitkänen sums up.

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